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Our headquarters’ teams shared un sportive seasonal kick off. Underlining our values of team spirit and mutual aid, they experienced sea kayaking in the turquoise waters of the Pointe Rouge in Marseilles.

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Team Building Kayak & Co

Our headquarters’ teams shared un sportive seasonal kick off. Underlining our values of team spirit and mutual aid, they experienced sea kayaking in the turquoise waters of the Pointe Rouge in Marseilles.

Culture of sharing

Since its creation, Synchrone has built a company culture which is based on trust, listening and sharing. In day-to-day terms, this is characterised by manager-worker relations but also by collective action.

These are conducted throughout the year by the company under the initiative of different parties within it and they are a forum for exchanges and encounters between those who make Synchrone the company that it is.

They shared...
…their health

The associates at Head Office answered an appeal from the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee and many participated in a blood drive alongside the French Blood Donation Agency.


Synchrone took up the challenge of the legendary Mud Day, bringing together a team of athletes from different areas of the business (consultants, managers,and associates from support functions) for the Aix-en-Provence edition.


The Synchrone Running Team brought together around 20 associates who participated in the 10km race and the half-marathon at Run In Lyon, a mixed race in France’s 3rd city.

Sponsorship and partnership

At the heart of its ecosystem and the regions where it is established, Synchrone builds up a bond of trust and exchange with major academic, cultural and charity leaders.

In this way we develop a policy of sponsorship and partnership whose aim is mutual enrichment in terms of knowledge, innovation and economic development.

As part of this corporate citizenship approach, Synchrone is open to new contacts and interlocutors, creates gateways of exchange and thereby sets up a dialogue which reinforces our foothold in environments and territories.

Better learning for all

At the heart of its educational sponsorship approach, Synchrone supports 42, an IT school founded by Xavier Niel, also the founder of the Iliad-Free group. 42 innovates via its concept, which is based on being free of charge, open to people without qualifications and community teaching. We are proud to be associated with these innovative principles as a long-term sponsor and the school’s first IT consulting partner.

Our contribution: a tutored project in mobile factory creation which provides genuine added value for the professional future of students.

Promotion of culture and talent

Synchrone supports initiatives and organisations which commit to local cultural life and cultural access for all. The aim of this is to encourage artistic creativity via innovative and long-lasting partnerships.

Among the annual projects our company supports is the Pavillons Jazz Festival, which promotes the various facets of jazz music in the Ile-de-France region.

Protecting the environment, reforestation

As a company committed to a proactive policy of Social and Environmental Responsibility, Synchrone has been backing a largescale reforestation action for 3 years now. As a partner of Reforest’action, we have been planting 500 trees every year in the Saloum region of Senegal, involving employees, customers and partners.

See our forest


At the very heart of our activity, exchange and dialogue are viewed as the keys to the professional fulfilment of our employees and the success of Synchrone. In this way, we are committed to sharing with all of our employees via various means of communication and encounters, generating a sense of genuine cohesion.

Communicating to get to know each other better
Horizon News
Horizon News provides readers with a new article every day: company news, expert views from our consultants as well as news from the world of IT and the Internet.
The Synchronews, which is a quarterly internal information newsletter provides useful and practical information on company life, articles about company news, interviews,...
Meeting up for greater understanding
events-based meetings
Several events-based meetings between consultants and support function employees are organised throughout the year, creating a sense of belonging shared by all in the company.
team building
Team building exercises are also proposed by the different managers and team leaders within the company. These activities promote team spirit, solidarity and competitiveness.