Annual certification campaign launch

Aim: +50% consultants certified for their functional or technological expertise in 2017. Our training division is getting into gear!

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Annual certification campaign launch

Aim: +50% consultants certified for their functional or technological expertise in 2017. Our training division is getting into gear!


Synchrone’ consultants utilise their expertise every single day at the heart of the large-scale projects in the 7 core activities of our company.

and MRO of IS
BI/Big Data
Study and
optimisation of
Banking and
and Advice
Références projets
Piloting, development and MRO of IS infrastructure
  • IS Infrastructure Project(s) Director
  • IS Consultant
  • Networks Consultant
  • Cloud Consultant/Expert
  • Infrastructure/Production Expert
  • Networks Expert
  • Messaging System/Collaborative Tools Expert
  • IS Infrastructure Project(s) Manager
  • Workstation Project(s) Manager (migration)
  • Networks Project(s) Manager
  • Corporate Architect
  • IS Team Leader
  • Infrastructure/Production Planner/Architect
  • Networks Planner/Architect
  • Messaging System(s)/Collaborative Tool(s) Planner/Architect
  • Cloud Planner/Architect
  • Technical Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Services Manager
  • Production/Operations Engineer
  • Networks Engineer
  • Messaging System(s)/Collaborative Tool(s) Engineer
  • Operations Integrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Messaging system(s)/Collaborative Tool(s) Administrator
  • Networks Administrator
  • Database Administrator (DBA)
  • Messaging system(s)/Collaborative Tool(s) Administrator
  • Workstation Administrator
  • Operations Pilot/Technician
  • Workstation/Proximity/User Support Technician
Références projets
Cloud Architecture/Planning for the French Interior Ministry
Design and development of the service catalogue, the requirements specification and the functional specifications of the Cloud Computing infrastructure.
IS transformation project management for BNP Paribas
Merger project for several banks’ IS: responsibility for the impact of this transformation on the French and American regulatory enforcements applicable to these banks.
Production engineering for CMA CGM
Administration et MRO of SAGE applications and ToIP infrastructure (Call Manager/IPCC) for Production and Services Directors.
Application lifecycles
  • Applications Expert
  • Applications Project(s) Managers
  • Application Systems Manager
  • Applications Architect
  • Applications Designer/Developer
  • Application(s) Manager
  • Tester
  • Software Package Settings Manager
  • Applications Integrator
  • Applications Administrator
Références projets
Development of Contact Centre management interfaces for Orange
Preliminary study, analysis, design, costing, development and testing of interconnected PHP 5 Web applications/Symfony/MySQL/JQuery respecting the Agile method.
Middleware SAP Business Connector expertise for CMA CGM
As part of the SAPHIR project which aims to rebuild the entirety of CMA CGM IS, Synchrone is involved in the installation and configuration of the systems and SAP troubleshooting.
ERP & Decisional application integration for SNCF
A Services Centre of 26 consultants guaranteeing the receipt activities and integration of software elements of multi-field applications in their areas of use as well as implementation and Tools support.
BI/Big Data
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Functional and Decisional Consultant
  • Decisional Technical Expert
  • Decisional Project(s) Manager/Project(s) Owner
  • Big Data Project(s) Manager/Project(s) Owner
  • BI Architect
  • Big Data Architect
  • Decisional Designer/Developer
  • Big Data Designer/Developer
Références projets
Deployment, implementation and MRO of BP2I’s (BNP Paribas Partners for Innovation) Big Data infrastructure
Hosting and assistance for the BNP Paribas group in its “Analytic” projects, in order to provide a “controlled” environment.
Big Data architecture for SILCA
Administration and operation of Hadoop clusters, development of new value-added services and advice, expertise and support functions.
Big Data development for Société Générale
As part of the development and administration of the SPLUNK Big Data platform which allows integration of advanced research technology into the processes of the e-fraud unit.
  • Artistic Director
  • Web/Digital Consultant
  • Agile Coach
  • Web/Digital Expert
  • UX/Ergonomist
  • Web/Digital Project(s) Manager
  • Web Architect
  • Web Tester
  • Graphic Studies Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Integrator
  • Web Developer/Lead Developer
Références projets
Creation of a mobile factory for French retail group Carrefour
Definition of Web strategy and development of 6 mobile applications (iOS & Android).
UX design for BNP Paribas
HMI (Human Machine Interface) ergonomic and accessibility optimisation project for BNP Paribas applications and improvement of business user experience.
Digital marketing strategy advice for the PSA group
Impact study on merger of 2 brands. Digital promotion and training prior to a website reboot and launch of mobile application.
Quality Method Security
  • Change Management Consultant
  • IS Security Consultant
  • Networks Security Consultant
  • Agile Coach
  • IS Security Expert
  • Networks Security Expert
  • Quality Coordinator
  • IS Security Project(s) Manager
  • Networks Security Project(s) Manager
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • PMO
  • Security Architect
  • Security Analyst
  • Contract Manager
  • IS Security Administrator
  • Networks Security Manager
Références projets
Quality piloting for SNCF
Quality policy support for the client leading to a double ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 certification for its Information System and Infrastructure Executive Directors.
Installation of French investment bank Naxitis’s IS
Assistance towards obtaining required security levels regarding confidentiality, integrity and operating systems availability for Natixis’s activities.
Agile coaching for Société Générale
Installation, assistance with and optimisation of Agile practices during framing phase of IS improvement project and subsequently during implementation phase.
Study and optimisation of Telecoms solutions
  • Landline Expert
  • Mobile Telephone Expert
  • Call Centre Expert
  • Telecoms Expert
  • Call Centre Project(s) Manager
  • Landline Project(s) Manager
  • Mobile Telephone Project(s) Manager
  • Telecoms Project(s) Manager
  • Telecoms Manager
  • Site supervisor
  • Landline/Mobile Telephone Administrator
  • Call Centre Administrator
  • Landline/Mobile Telephone Technician
  • Call Centre Technician
Références projets
Telecoms and networks project management for Telindus
Landline operator, mobile telephone and networks supplier migration project for some 40 client sites.
Telecoms deployment in trading rooms for Etrali
Piloting installation of telecoms solutions for customer trading rooms on customer or hosted sites.
Telecoms management for RATP
Installation of telecoms infrastructure in Nanterre University RER A station.
Banking and Finance Expertise and Advice
  • Banking Expert
  • Banking Project(s) Manager/Project(s) Owner
  • Banking Project(s) Manager
  • Banking IS Project(s) Manager/Project(s) Owner
  • Banking Project(s) Owner
  • Tester
  • Accounts Manager
  • Front Office Administrator
  • Middle Office Administrator
  • Back Office Administrator
Références projets
Liquidity & Risk project ownership for Société Générale
Project for creating business applications relating to financial piloting and profitability studies.
ERP Cash Management project ownership for BNP Paribas
Customisation and level 3 support on the Internet Banking Enterprise application (Omikron product, for deployment of new retail banking subsidiaries).
Back Office Management
UCITS optimisation for BNP Paribas – Daily or weekly optimisation project for a group of 20 UCITS portfolios.

Your Projects

Throughout your career with Synchrone, you will take part in different projects within the framework of your consultancy missions for our clients but also at the very core of the company’s strategy and development.

Alongside Business Development and Support Function partners, you will receive prerogatives, according to your skills and willingness, in the following areas.

Fixed-rate projects & Service Centres: key roles in a united team

In parallel with their technical or functional duties, Synchrone consultants can also take part in the overall success in attaining the objectives of a fixed-rate project or Service Centre they are working in.

Focus on three key roles:
Team Leader
Defines the orientations and the strategy which lead to reaching fixed project objectives. Also responsible for piloting, advising and motivating the team of Synchrone consultants.
Quality Advisor
Works to set up and develop the permanent improvement processes, working with counterparts from the company’s other fixed-rate projects and Service Centres.
Technical Advisor
Provides technical expertise to all the consultants in the Synchrone team, in both the design phases and in finding solutions to any problems which arise.

Research and Development: an expert touch for innovative projects

Synchrone consultants have the opportunity to join our R&D Department, particularly during intermission periods. They will take part in the key projects of Synchrone Research according to their expertise and skills. Eye-tracking, High-performance computing, Expert support decision system, etc.

During their projects, which are carried out within Synchrone agencies on platforms dedicated to R&D, our consultants are accompanied by company researchers. With a research director in an overseeing role, they work alongside international academic and institutional partners of the R&D Department.

Synchrone Experts Team: sharing knowledge to help us grow

Our consultants who wish to share their knowledge are invited to join the Synchrone Experts Team (SET). This organisation relies on the knowhow of those involved with it across five interconnected strategic units:

S.E.T Communauté d'experts
Synchrone University
  • Running conferences or workshops
  • Production of MOOCs or tutorials available on Intranet
Synchrone Research
  • Participation in monitoring work
  • Contribution to the department’s publications
  • Participation in events and shows
  • Time spent in recruitment communities
  • Running conferences with educational partners
  • Co-option
  • Participation in skills assessment charts
  • Contribution to tendering and referencing replies
  • Support in production of Success Stories
  • Co-edition of simulation white papers
  • Participation in drawing up service offers
  • Edition/co-edition of articles for the newsletter, Blog or Web 2.0

Your Career

Playing a full part in your own development
Junior Consultant
Senior Consultant
career plan
Horizontal mobility Change/development regarding your project, customer environment, technical or functional
Vertical mobility Career development in terms of positions and responsibilities
Junior Consultant

Identification and confirmation of potential in line with the skills developed during training and during initial experience period: specificities are outlined and expressed.


Development and conformation of added value: technological and/or functional skill has been proven and demonstrated, strong capacity to adapt to complex environments and a range of issues at stake.

Senior Consultant

Promotion to high-responsibility positions: guarantor of technology or methodologies for which genuine expertise is provided; the senior consultant works on strategic or international-scale projects.

Horizontal mobility Change/development regarding your project, customer environment, technical or functional
Vertical mobility Career development in terms of positions and responsibilities


Thanks to our continual development, to the diversity of our clients and to the dense network of our activities across the land, we promote the skills mobility of our consultants and we can offer provide them with strong opportunities for horizontal mobility (change of activities sector, technological environment, geographical area, etc.).

Intermission periods

These can occur at any stage of our consultants’ career and are managed in the same way as other contractual periods. They represent the opportunity for our employees to develop within our internal structure by working on R&D or collaborative projects alongside the Resources Management department, which is dedicated to anticipating and managing periods of transition.


A company which pays attention to who you are
IS infrastructure Project Manager
A position which allowed me to flourish
Distributed System Administrator